Friday, January 14, 2011

Back on the Road

When I came home for Christmas break, I could only think about how long five weeks at home would be! But time flew, and before I knew it, it was time for my second semester of visits. Packing the second time around was just as rough as the first time, especially because I will probably not be going home until April! I have clothes for every climate possibility for the next three months. My suitcase is laughable: Flip flops and UGG boots; Bikini and Wool Coat; combinations I'm not used to making.

I spent this past week at Virginia Tech for pre-recruitment. The weather was quite chilly! It wasn't much different than I'm used to in Illinois, but I spent more time outside!!

Last night I flew into Orlando. After a few flight delays and a missed connection, I arrived around 2 AM. I am staying with an UCF adviser, Kathy, before heading to Rollins College this Sunday morning.

For anyone who is interested, here is my schedule for the rest of the semester! Cross your fingers for minimal schedule changes this semester!

January 9-14 Virginia Tech
January 16-23 Rollins College
January 23-28 University of Florida
January 30-February 4 University of Connecticut
February 4-6 Kappa HQ for a Risk Management Focus Group
February 6-11 Rollins College
February 13-18 University of Tennessee
February 18-20 Nu Province Meeting in Nashville, TN
February 20-25 University of Kentucky
February 27-March 4 Carnegie Mellon University
March 6-11 Simpson College
March 11-20 Spring Break
March 20-25 Emory University
March 27-April 1 Oklahoma University
April 3-8 Knox College
April 10-15 Marist College
April 17-21 Dartmouth University

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