Friday, December 24, 2010

Airline Announcements

I had a friend share this YouTube video with me, and man, this guy has it all right. Airline announcements are a bit ridiculous. I know my fellow LC's will appreciate this video.

The Washington Bar Crawl

Last night, some of my high school friends and I conquered about half of the Washington, IL bars in our Christmas bar crawl. Here's a picture of the group of us before heading out. I think we'll have to do a second bar crawl to hit the rest of the classy establishments in town.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peppermint Extract Crisis Averted

After a long day of traveling to and from St. Louis, I decided to make the Mint Chocolate cookies I had freaked out about two days ago. I am covered in powdered sugar, but they are delicious and well worth the effort. A taste of heaven on earth.

A Loss for the Rams

Earlier today, Patrick and I drove down to St. Louis for the Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs football game. When my Uncle Dave offered us the tickets a few days ago, we were pretty excited because we knew this would be a big game for the Rams. Winning this game would bring them one step closer to clinching the NFC West.

This year the Rams have been having "a really good season," which is only true if you compare it to the previous few years. For the first time in a long time, it is not embarrassing to be a Rams fan. They are also leading the NFC West, which is a pretty deceiving title. While teams like the Falcons are leading their divisions with 12 wins and 2 losses, the Rams are leading with 6 wins and 8 losses. In any other division, that would put them in at least 3rd place.

The game today was a lot of fun, nonetheless. Here's a picture of Patrick, Becky, and I at the game.

Here's a picture of the stadium from our seats!

The first quarter got off to a great start, with the Rams leading 6-0. After the first quarter, the Rams didn't do much of anything for quite some time. By the third quarter, the game was getting a little bit frustrating, and by the fourth quarter, everyone started to give up. KC made an 80 yard run, which quickly turned into a touchdown, and the stadium emptied out with 3 minutes left.

The final score was 13-27. Better luck next time, Rams.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Peppermint Extract Crisis of 2010

I spent last weekend in Omaha, Nebraska visiting friends and looking at apartments. I had the greatest time and was not ready to go home on Sunday. Luckily (or unluckily) for me, my car wouldn't start Sunday morning. After a few pathetic, cyclical groans, I knew that my battery was clearly dead. Dead dead.

Thank God for AAA. I had to laugh though. When I finally got through to an operator, I gave her the details of my situation, and she pointed out that I had requested help in the same location before. Literally, I was in the exact same parking spot last summer when I got a flat tire. I'm never parking there again.

Because of my car trouble and weather conditions in Iowa/Illinois, I ended up staying in Omaha an extra day. This ending up being a blessing in disguise, because I got to see a few more friends before I left town on Monday afternoon.

By the time I came home, I was ready to get into the holiday spirit. I promptly wrapped all of my Christmas presents. When I was done with those, I wrapped everyone else's presents, excepting the presents they had bought me. As a result, looking under the Christmas tree right now is really quite depressing. There are plenty of gifts for Patrick, Mom, Dad, and Grandma, but not a single one with my name on it.

After my present-wrapping frenzy, I was ready for my favorite part of the holiday season: Christmas cookies. Baking is one of my favorite hobbies. I bake out of boredom, happiness, anxiety, or pretty much any emotion. Last year, Christmas at the Roszhart household was a bit depressing. I was recovering from a serious liquid nitrogen burn on my hand and was not able to bake at all. Although I was feeling a lot better, my hand was still pretty grotesque, and no one wants a nasty hand touching their food.

This year, my baking has been over the top. For three straight days I have baked and baked and baked:

Ginger cookies,
Dipped pretzels,
Snowball cookies and Peanut Butter Surprise cookies,

Spritz cookies,
and Turtle cookies.

But then, I was getting out the ingredients for Chocolate Mint cookies, and I realized we didn't have any peppermint extract. Although I had been enjoying baking, after three straight days I was ready to be done. In the next few moments, the Peppermint Extract Crisis of 2010 ensued. I started tearing through the cabinets, positive that we had to have it somewhere. My mom meanwhile, was laughing at me, wishing she, "could videotape this moment to warn my future husband." Thanks, Mom.

Could I have run to the grocery store? You would think so, but no, I couldn't. I hadn't bothered getting ready yet and looked like living hell. I was not about to run to the grocery store looking like that. Our town is so small, you're guaranteed to run into at least five people and more than that if you're having a bad hair day.

So instead, I gave up, defeated. When my mom ran to the grocery store later that afternoon, she surprised me with peppermint extract :) My next day or two might be busy, but I'll find time to make my Chocolate Mint cookies!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ready or Not Omaha, Nebraska

Tomorrow I am embarking on a mini-adventure to Omaha, Nebraska, one of my favorite places in the world. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love it, and most people question why. My response, "Have you been there?" If the answer is no, then go check it out sometime. If you can't think of a good reason to go, I have two suggestions:

1) Go to the College World Series baseball tournament held in the end of June. (Those two weeks are my favorite of the summer. In fact, I am hoping to find a job that does not require me to work at all during that time.)
2) Visit your dear friend Sarah, who is moving out there next summer for medical school.

Or both.

BUT tonight, I am packing, or at least thinking about it. I am staring at a pile of freshly laundered clothes that smell like home. After using so many detergents this semester, the scent of All is surprisingly comforting. The thought of packing is more daunting than you might expect for someone who has been living on the road.

Two nights ago, I unpacked from the semester and tucked my suitcases away into our guestroom. Am I ready to touch them again already? No.

Also, am I capable of packing normal clothes? Debatable... All semester I have been wearing business casual clothes. Now that I have been home, I am wearing the most comfortable clothing I can put on. For example, I am currently wearing a knit headband, men's flannel shirt (it is mine), leggings, and UGG boots. Seriously. And yes, I know my outfit is the epitome of class. And yes, I did wear said outfit in public.

And this blog post? Its called procrastination, or blogcrastination if you ask my mother.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Lessons: A Mid-Year Review

Three days ago, after a long travel day from Eugene, Oregon to Peoria, IL, I came home for a month-long Christmas break. Looking back over a semester of travel, it is hard to believe how many places I’ve visited. Here’s a summary of statistics for you:

In 4 months, I
-have been on 16 visits to 14 different schools
-have taken approximately 40 flights, with many delays and one cancellation
-have never lost my luggage
-have slept in at least 25 beds
-have visited seven new states (Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut, and New Jersey)
-gained 7 lbs, but have lost almost all of it since the start of Thanksgiving break

I’m learning a lot too. I’m learning not only about myself, but about others.

Here are some Life Lessons, in no particular order:

Life Lesson #1 A sedentary lifestyle will make you fat.
Well, isn’t that an obvious statement? I never realized how active I was in college. I’m not even referring to exercise, but just moving around. I have been pretty good about working out regularly, but I don’t walk around as much as I used to. I never realized how much walking to classes and meetings burned calories.

Life Lesson #2 Eating at restaurants will also make you fat.
Restaurant food is much less healthy and served in much larger portions that what I would ever cook for myself. I grew up in a household where my family ate a homemade meal every night together. In college I had very selfish eating habits. I ate what I wanted and when I wanted. My theory on eating is if you’re hungry, you should eat. If you’re full, you shouldn’t eat. I’m also a bizarrely picky eater. I don’t think there’s any food I absolutely cannot handle, but I like to have a say in what I eat.

Life Lesson #3 People are nicer in the Midwest
This isn't to say I haven't enjoyed traveling around or that there aren't nice people everywhere, because there are. BUT speaking in terms of the larger population, I find this to be true.

Life Lesson #4 No one (besides consultants of other Greek organizations) actually understands what I do as a Leadership Consultant
I can explain it to you all I want, but you won't really get it, even if you're an undergrad sorority girl.

Life Lesson #5 Giving up all forms of partying and alcohol isn’t so bad
Believe it or not.

Life Lesson #6 I will never meet a cute boy in the airport
First of all, the average age of people flying is approximately 45 years old, unless you’re on a flight to Orlando, where the average age is 15. While there are some young people traveling around the country, there are also lots of older business men and women and retirees.

Life Lesson #7 I can survive off of fewer clothes than I would have guessed
The great thing about traveling to a different school every week is that no one sees my outfits twice. No one has to know that I wear this same outfit every single Monday. Does this mean I am forever reducing my wardrobe size? Sorry, no. I apologize in advance to my future husband out there, whoever he may be—I will always need a huge closet, and no, we can’t share. But at least I’ll be a pro for packing for vacations.

Life Lesson #8 Always eat breakfast before getting on an airplane
You're not going to get fed anything (unless you travel on Delta or Southwest, where you will get a small snack), and if your flight has braking and steering issues (ahem, my Orlando flight that was canceled), the delay will cause you to starve and/or go on accidental dates with creepy older men. (See my blog updates from early October if you need clarification.)

Life Lesson #9 Put the armrest down as soon as you board your flight
You need to define your territory, and if you don’t do it immediately, it gets awkward to try and do it later.

Life Lesson #10 Window seats are the best
All of my life my dad has been telling me to request aisle seats. Turns out he’s all wrong. Window seats are where it’s at ( least this is true when you're a 5'7" woman. I can understand why a 6'+ man might enjoy the aisle)
-For me, plane time=nap time, and a window seat makes this so much easier. I don’t have room for one of those nifty little neck pillows, so I just bundle up my fleece and lean against the window.
-In the window seat, I also don’t have to worry about anyone bothering me to get out going to the bathroom.
-Window seats have the best view in the house.
-The space under the seat in front of a window seat is also larger than the aisle. (As soon as my dad reads this, he’ll start preparing his argument.)
-What we can all agree on however, is that the middle seat is the worst.

Life Lesson #11 There are some things you just can’t live without
Throughout the semester, my suitcase has gotten consistently more practical, but there are some things you just can’t live without. My most ridiculous items? A full size box of Q-tips, an anatomy coloring book, and a workout DVD. I was also carrying around a Halloween costume for two months.

Life Lesson #12 Packing your heaviest items in your carry-on isn’t always the smartest idea
In order to cut down the weight of my large suitcase, I decided that I would only put clothes and toiletries in it. (It still weighs 49.5 pounds.) My small suitcase, on the other hand, holds all of my heaviest items: all 6 pairs of shoes, hairdryer, diffuser, straightener, curling iron, any paperwork, stationary, a waterbottle, umbrella, jewelry case, electronics and chargers, glasses, and chocolate. You can imagine how helpful said suitcase would be if my large one were to get lost. Not at all.

Life Lesson #13 Unless my life is actually threatened, there is no situation I can’t deal with, or at least tough out
I realize now that too many people, including my previous self, spend too much time worrying. What is the worst that can happen in any given situation? Think about it. Hopefully this new "laid-back" attitude is not detrimental to my education in medical school.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Pictures from Oregon

On my last day at Oregon, I got a tour of Autzen Stadium and took a few pics of their house! And yes, I did get two feather extensions in my hair. I don't have a photo of those yet. It's nothing dramatic though, just two white/brown/black thin feathers behind my left ear. Pics of those to come later!

Here are two pictures of the Beta Omega chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma house!

Here are a few pictures from my tour of the Oregon Athletic Training Center and Autzen Stadium. I was BLOWN AWAY by the facilities they have! Phil Knight, creator of Nike, is a University of Oregon alum, and he has donated so much money to the school's athletic department. Their indoor training facilities amazed me the most. They have an indoor field that has adjustable weather. They can make it hot, cold, rain, snow, etc. all so that their teams can prepare for the climates they will be traveling too. Whoa!

Finally, here's a picture of UO's quad from my campus tour.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oregon Girls Wear Feathers

This week I'm at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. Although I absolutely LOVE the chapter women here, I do NOT love the rain. There has been some form of rain every day for the last four days. Tomorrow the forecast is a.m. cloudy, p.m. sunny. I'll believe it when I see it. Everyone does say that Oregon is so GREEN, and they are absolutely right. If it weren't for the 40 degree weather and my ability to read a calendar, I'd say the grass was that of the beginning of spring.

I've also been working a lot harder this week than I have since recruitment season. The Beta Omega chapter is in the process of officer transitions, so I am having all of my meetings with both the incoming and outgoing officers. While it is certainly a great opportunity to get everyone on the same page, I have had some long meetings! Most of my meetings are running a full hour, and I only stop then because the next set of officers has showed up. Whew!

They are treating me very well though. I'm staying in a hotel for the week, and they've been taking me out for dinner every night. I've gotten to try a lot of Eugene's local favorites like the Eugene Electric Company, Miso, Agate, and this cute little fondue/crepe/tapas place, who's name has slipped my mind. Tomorrow I'm going to Sweet Life, a local dessert cafe, for an afternoon treat.

I've come across the most interesting new trend while in Oregon--feather hair extensions. For just $8 you can have a feather extension added to your hair, and everyone is doing it....or at least all of the girls are. Apparently it has been quite the thing on the West Coast for a little while now, and it is starting to spread to the rest of the country.

I still have a full day left in Eugene, and I'm tempted to try and get one before I leave. I have an hour and a half between meetings tomorrow--enough time? If not, I'm also tempted to call my hair stylist in Omaha and beg her to order them for my appointment next Friday. Somehow I doubt the trend has spread to Nebraska just yet. I could be doing them a favor.

Have no idea what feather extensions are? Check out, or maybe I'll actually get one in my hair and put up a pic.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


After nagging me for a week about my lack of blogging, my mother finally came up with a word for it: blog-crastinator.

Blog-crastinator: Defined as either 1)someone who procrastinates on their blogging by doing other things or 2) someone who procrastinates on other things because of blogging.

Obviously I fall into category one.

How can a word have two completely opposite definitions? Good question. Ask my mother. Quite honestly though, she probably only invented the word in hopes of getting a shout-out on my blog. So here you go, mom. This blog is for you.

All week long I have been hearing about my lack of blogging. This is obviously becoming a trend, as the entire month of October and November were recapped in two large blows. I have been home now for 10 days, and I have done next to nothing. Its been fabulous. Besides completing paperwork for one chapter, going to the dentist, and getting a flu shot (which hurts a lot), everything has been fun and games.

I spent the beginning of last weekend in Atlantic City with my friend Dave before he got deployed to Afghanistan. This week, I've been to Keps, the local sports bar, three times with high school friends; I've helped my mom cook Thanksgiving dinner and then eaten turkey for the majority of my meals since then; I've watched a season and a half of Nip/Tuck (which is leading me to consider plastic surgery as a speciality); and I've slept at least 10 hours every day.

It is obvious why I haven't had time to blog, right? Haha.

Tonight I'm getting ready for a 6 day trip to University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. To get there from home, I am leaving at 6 AM, taking three flights, and arriving at 5 PM. Considering the time change, that's a 13 hour travel day. Eeek! BUT I'm really looking forward to this visit. One of Kappa's Chapter Consultants (like my job but stationary), Tiffany, is from this chapter, and I'm excited to see what they will be like! Already the VP in charge of my visit has been very communicative and generous. Also, one of my Creighton sorority sisters, Katelin, is from the Portland area, so I'm hoping to get to see her one of the evenings!

After this week of travel, I'm coming right back to Peoria, IL for a 5-week long Christmas break. Since I'm only going to be gone for 6 days, I am only bringing a carry-on suitcase with me. Please pause for a moment and realize what a big deal this is. Thank you.

I need to find something productive to do during my five weeks at home. My ideas so far are: get a gym pass, do some volunteer work, take a few road trips. We'll see. Or maybe I'll just watch the next 4 seasons of Nip/Tuck.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Weekend in Orlando!

Before my visit to Rollins College, I spent the weekend in Orlando with a fellow LC, Vicki, and an adviser from the University of Central Florida Kappa chapter, Kathy. Vicki and I have determined that Kathy is the coolest adviser we've met so far. I'm going back to Rollins a few times in the Spring semester, and I hope I get to see her again!

We had a lot of fun hanging out, shopping, and most importantly, going to Disney World-Epcot Park. We went during their month long Food and Wine Festival, which was the BEST time to go! We got to try small portions of food from "all over the world." Here are some pictures from our trip!

The traditional pic of us at Epcot.

Even though it was mid-November, they are preparing for Christmas!

A picture over-looking the lake in the middle of Epcot.

Us with Beauty and the Beast. (Beauty, Kathy, Me, Beast, Vicki)

Me in front of the American Christmas tree.

I forget which country this is...

Spanish dancers!


The Maelstrom: "A High Seas Norwegian Adventure" Kathy had been talking about this ride all day!

Vicki and I with a viking

Character pictures:

Minnie Mouse!


Donald Duck!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NYC and Philly

What kind of person goes to NYC and doesn't want to do anything? Me. After two crazy fun weekends (Iowa City and Chi-South Bend-cago), I really needed a weekend of relaxation. After my visit to UConn, I caught the train to NYC, where I spent the weekend with Beth, the previous Director of Field Reps.

My weekend?
Friday: Arrive, shop, dinner, relax/paperwork
Saturday: Sleep in, lunch, paperwork, run in Riverside Park, dinner, Broadway show
Sunday: Sleep in, watch the marathon on TV, depart

Really the only "fun" thing I did was go to a Broadway show. Beth and I went to see Fela, an African musical. The show was written by Jay-Z and Will and Jada Smith. African music is so lively and fun. I really enjoyed the show, and it was fun to walk around Broadway and Times Square on a Saturday night.

And of course, no pictures. Sorry!

This week I'm at Villanova University in Philadelphia. My visit got off to a rough start, but its going well. I'll definitely take some pictures this week!

I Think I've Found a Favorite

Last week I visited the University of Connecticut. I absolutely loved my visit there! Every week when I meet new women, they are always so curious about my job. I tend to have the same conversations a lot, and a lot of the questions have become predictable.

Do you just like always travel?
Yes. Every week I'm at a different chapter.

Do you ever go home?
I have been home, but not really.

Wow! So you actually live out of your suitcase?!
Yes. It's not easy, but I've been surprised how little I can live off of.

Where have you been?
Every corner of the country... then I proceed to name them all

What has been your favorite visit so far?
I've like a lot of my visits, but they are all so different from each other it's hard to compare. (New answer: UConn! But I won't share that.)

I can't even point out what was so great about UConn, besides the chapter women. There are two types of chapters that I visit.

1) Chapters that are nice to me, but not necessarily the group of women I would have wanted to be a part of if I went through recruitment at their school
2) Chapters that remind me of my own, and if I had gone through recruitment at their school, I would have definitely wanted to be a Kappa

I've had a few chapters fall into the #2 category, such as UConn, and those are always the most fun visits for me. Honestly though, I can still have a wonderful time with #1 category chapters. Those are the visits where I usually learn the most.

Again, I didn't take any pictures. I had good intentions, but the last two days of my visit were rainy, and I was too comfortable inside to venture out just for pictures. Luckily though, we just got our schedules for the spring semester, and I am going back to UConn in the spring. I promise to take pictures then!

LC Weekend Part III

On Sunday, we cleaned up the condo then headed back to Chicago so we could all catch Monday morning planes and trains. We got a little distracted on our way back to Chicago and stopped at an outlet mall. By the time we got to our hotel, we were really pushing the clock, and we needed to turn our rental car in. Carolyn and Allie returned the beloved Tahoe while Madeline, Vicki, and I got our luggage into the hotel. Below is our luggage. 2 suitcases and 1 briefcase per person x 5 people = 15 bags. We looked crazy, especially because only three of us were bringing the stuff in. Here's all of our luggage below.

After we all got back to the hotel, we got ready for Halloween and for our dinner reservations at Dick's Last Resort. Dick's is a restaurant where the wait staff is mean to you the entire time. They made inappropriate hats and play jokes on their patrons. It was the perfect place to go for Halloween. Here's a picture of Vicki and I at dinner.

Here's a picture of the group of the five of us!

On our walk to the bars, we passed a firestation. We stopped to take pictures outside, then a fireman opened the garage door. Before we knew it we had convinced them to let us in the truck. Here's a picture of me, then a group shot outside the truck.

As we were leaving the station, they gave us all hats (the kind they might have given 5 year olds who were out trick or treating). We walked right past the Wrigley Field and everyone wanted to get a picture. At first I balked (I come from a family of die-hard Cardinals fans), but I couldn't not be in a group picture with our hats. I hope my family does not disown me.

All in all it was the best weekend. Leaving Monday morning was sad. I'm seeing Vicki next weekend in Orlando, but I won't see the rest of the group until January at our Mid Year meetings at HQ.

LC Weekend Part II

On Saturday of Halloween weekend, we went to the Notre Dame football game. We got tickets from the Fetcho family (thanks!) and from Carolyn's in-laws. We also had to borrow Irish gear from one of Carolyn's friends who plays on the team. We look like jersey-chasers...I know.

Here is a picture of Notre Dame's stadium!

The game was great to watch, and we had great seats in the end zone. The marching band was also phenomenal. Of course I had to snap a picture of them!

Notre Dame lost the game by one point to Tulsa. I have to stop going to these close games where "my" team loses! After the game, the football players have a tradition of singing the fight song to the crowd.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LC Weekend Part I

On Thursday night of Halloween weekend, Carolyn, Madeline, Allie, Vicki, and I met up for a weekend in Chi-South Bend-cago. We all arrived in Chicago, by plane, train, or car, then rented a huge black Tahoe to drive to South Bend. Carolyn's brother-in-law used to play for Notre Dame football, and his parents have a condo in South Bend. They graciously let us use the condo for the weekend.

Thursday night we got into town around 1:30 AM, after a long drive and a speeding ticket. We were a little too wound up to go to bed, but we eventually did. I thought we'd never wake up. When we finally did wake up on Friday, we were moving slowly. We decided to go out for breakfast (even though it was lunch time/early afternoon), but discovered we had a flat tire.

We got the tire fixed a lot easier than expected, and we took a driving tour of Notre Dame's campus.

After our tour we went to the grocery store to get food for the weekend. Somehow between eating, getting the tire fixed, driving around, and going to Super Wal-Mart, we managed to waste the entire afternoon. Friday night we prepared a simple and delicious meal. Impressed?

After dinner, we all got ready to go out and explore the bars of South Bend, IN. Below is a picture of me, Vicki, and Allie (left to right).

Here is a picture of the group of us!

Freezing Cold in Appleton, WI

Unfortunately all I remember from my week at Lawrence University was that I was freezing the entire time! From the moment I got to Lawrence to the moment I left the windchill was constantly in the 30's.

Back in the beginning of October, I was home for a weekend and packing for the rest of the semester. My mom and I were having the Great Coat Debate of 2010. Did I need a coat before Thanksgiving break or not? My visit schedule was: Rollins, UIowa, Lawrence Univ., UConn, Villanova, Rollins. In the end we decided no coat.

With the exception of my week at Lawrence, I think this would have been an okay decision, but Appleton, WI was FREEZING! That week the entire Midwest was experiencing terrible winds with gusts up to 60 mph. Not only was I freezing cold, I could not even walk in a straight line because of the gusts. I called my mom to tell her how cold it was, but at that point, she couldn't have sent a coat to me before I left anyway. I just had to double up with a fleece and my leather jacket.

Unfortunately (as is stated in my disclaimer earlier this evening), I took no pictures of Lawrence University. It was a neat, but small school and very well-known for its music and theater programs. The school is right on the river, and although I wanted to hike down the bluffs, I was just too darn cold the whole time.

I had a lot of productive meetings with officers, and Wednesday night we had a joint chapter/Advisory Board/House Board meeting. I have never seen such a large collaborative effort before, and it was great to have the opportunity to help facilitate conversations between three important but different aspects of that chapter.

On Thursday night I left for Chicago to meet up with four other Leadership Consultants for Notre Dame football, Halloween, and mostly just a reunion between the group of us!

My Weekend in Iowa City with Courtney, Jordan, and Marie

One of the best things about my visit to the University of Iowa was the number of people I got to see while I was there. On Wednesday night of that week, I met up with Courtney and her roommates for a few drinks. On Thursday of that week, Tracy, one of my best friends and Creighton Kappa sisters, was driving through town on her way home. She, Courtney, and I met up at Shorts Burgers for dinner.

After my visit to the University of Iowa Kappa chapter, I stayed in Iowa City for the weekend. I stayed at Courtney and Marie's place, and our friend Jordan drove down from Omaha to see us. It was the perfect weekend of relaxation, football, and fun.

On Friday afternoon, Jordan, Courtney, and I went to the grocery store and each bought a pumpkin and a pumpkin carving kit. I got a picture of all three, but it turned out too dark to post. Here's a picture of just my pumpkin. I got really ambitious and tried to carve an owl on a tree. Of course I had to carve a Kappa pumpkin.

Friday night, the group of us went out to the Iowa City bars. Here are some pictures of the group of us.

Friday night was fun, maybe too much fun. We had a bit of trouble getting up and getting ready to tailgate for the game on Sunday. Here's a picture of all of us in our Iowa gear. Jordan and I had to borrow Iowa clothes!

We went to the Airliner to watch the game, and unfortunately Iowa lost to Wisconsin by just one point. It was a rough loss for the Hawkeyes. We went out again that night, and I ran into way too many people that I shouldn't have, like some chapter members and their parents and the Greek Adviser from Creighton University. Thank God I stayed sober is all I'm saying.

Then on Sunday morning I had to get up early to fly to Appleton, WI for my visit to Lawrence University.

I'm Back! My week at University of Iowa

After successfully completing my paperwork from last week’s visit, I am ready to return from my three week hiatus. I am a little disappointed in myself for the lack of blogging that has transpired. I have no idea where my brain has been. I have even been terrible about taking pictures. Fortunately, I have spent some weekends with people who have picked up some of the picture-taking slack for me.

And with that disclaimer, I dedicate these next few posts to Erica Goven and Dave Minnick, two of my close friends and blog-followers who are in law school and graduate school, respectively. It is because of their formal complaints that I was pushed to start blogging again ASAP.

Three weeks ago I visited the Beta Zeta chapter at the University of Iowa. This visit had not originally been on my schedule, but this was one change I was pretty excited about. First of all, I love getting back to the Midwest. Although I have enjoyed traveling around the country this year, there is something about Midwestern people that I just love. Maybe it is their wholesome and humble personalities. Or maybe it is because they actually eat steak. (The West Coast freaks me out a little). Also, one of my best friends, Courtney, is doing a year of pre-dental requirements a University of Iowa this year and living in Iowa City, and I was excited to see her the following weekend!

My week at University of Iowa was very relaxing. I have come to learn that there is one thing that dramatically changes my schedule for the week— meals with officers vs. meals with regular chapter members. When all of my meals are scheduled with officers, it is a two-for-one deal. I have to eat three meals, so when I have them in conjunction with my officer meetings, there are less meetings that must happen. When my meals are scheduled with regular chapter members, I still have to have 18 officer meetings outside of those. There are pros and cons to each method, but at Iowa all of my meals were scheduled with officers, so I had a lot of free time. It was the perfect week for catching up, and it was the last time I've been completely caught up until now.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take many pictures while I was there. I did get two of the outside of their house.