Thursday, April 7, 2011

Um, Like, a Kind of Interesting Article

Today one of my fellow LCs, Carolyn, sent us all the link to a very insightful article. The article below describes how women often use self-deprecating language that not only takes away from the message they are trying to get across, but makes others think that we are less intelligent and capable than we are.

This is a must read for all women!

Are Your Words Holding You Back?

After reading this article this afternoon, I (sadly) noticed these behaviors in many of the chapter women I was meeting with. My typical day consists of lots of meetings--I meet with the chapter, Chapter Council as a group, each Chapter Council officer individually, Greek Life Adviser, Advisory Board, and House Board. Today was no different, and after reading this article I had four more meetings. In every single one of my meetings, chapter officers used these self-defeating words.

I'm not saying they are the only ones. I realize some of these same words could be heard coming out of my mouth.

My biggest problem word?


I am perhaps such an over-user of the word "sorry" that I have actually had it pointed out to me. Back in my Pizza Hut days (yes, I worked at Pizza Hut.), a coworker, classy individual that he was, was constantly on me for my apologetic behavior. We'd bump into each other in the busy kitchen, and I would quickly exclaim, "I'm sorry!" "Sarah," he told me, "You didn't hurt me. You didn't offend me. I bumped into you too. There is nothing to be sorry about." This conversation was repeated multiple times in a shift, every single day we worked together.

It is something to think about. Choose your words to reflect the strong and intelligent woman that you are.

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