Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Loss for the Rams

Earlier today, Patrick and I drove down to St. Louis for the Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs football game. When my Uncle Dave offered us the tickets a few days ago, we were pretty excited because we knew this would be a big game for the Rams. Winning this game would bring them one step closer to clinching the NFC West.

This year the Rams have been having "a really good season," which is only true if you compare it to the previous few years. For the first time in a long time, it is not embarrassing to be a Rams fan. They are also leading the NFC West, which is a pretty deceiving title. While teams like the Falcons are leading their divisions with 12 wins and 2 losses, the Rams are leading with 6 wins and 8 losses. In any other division, that would put them in at least 3rd place.

The game today was a lot of fun, nonetheless. Here's a picture of Patrick, Becky, and I at the game.

Here's a picture of the stadium from our seats!

The first quarter got off to a great start, with the Rams leading 6-0. After the first quarter, the Rams didn't do much of anything for quite some time. By the third quarter, the game was getting a little bit frustrating, and by the fourth quarter, everyone started to give up. KC made an 80 yard run, which quickly turned into a touchdown, and the stadium emptied out with 3 minutes left.

The final score was 13-27. Better luck next time, Rams.

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