Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ready or Not Omaha, Nebraska

Tomorrow I am embarking on a mini-adventure to Omaha, Nebraska, one of my favorite places in the world. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love it, and most people question why. My response, "Have you been there?" If the answer is no, then go check it out sometime. If you can't think of a good reason to go, I have two suggestions:

1) Go to the College World Series baseball tournament held in the end of June. (Those two weeks are my favorite of the summer. In fact, I am hoping to find a job that does not require me to work at all during that time.)
2) Visit your dear friend Sarah, who is moving out there next summer for medical school.

Or both.

BUT tonight, I am packing, or at least thinking about it. I am staring at a pile of freshly laundered clothes that smell like home. After using so many detergents this semester, the scent of All is surprisingly comforting. The thought of packing is more daunting than you might expect for someone who has been living on the road.

Two nights ago, I unpacked from the semester and tucked my suitcases away into our guestroom. Am I ready to touch them again already? No.

Also, am I capable of packing normal clothes? Debatable... All semester I have been wearing business casual clothes. Now that I have been home, I am wearing the most comfortable clothing I can put on. For example, I am currently wearing a knit headband, men's flannel shirt (it is mine), leggings, and UGG boots. Seriously. And yes, I know my outfit is the epitome of class. And yes, I did wear said outfit in public.

And this blog post? Its called procrastination, or blogcrastination if you ask my mother.

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  1. you would be surprised to see what i wear. i will have to show you the pants (and the dance that accompanies them) tomorrow.