Friday, December 3, 2010

Oregon Girls Wear Feathers

This week I'm at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. Although I absolutely LOVE the chapter women here, I do NOT love the rain. There has been some form of rain every day for the last four days. Tomorrow the forecast is a.m. cloudy, p.m. sunny. I'll believe it when I see it. Everyone does say that Oregon is so GREEN, and they are absolutely right. If it weren't for the 40 degree weather and my ability to read a calendar, I'd say the grass was that of the beginning of spring.

I've also been working a lot harder this week than I have since recruitment season. The Beta Omega chapter is in the process of officer transitions, so I am having all of my meetings with both the incoming and outgoing officers. While it is certainly a great opportunity to get everyone on the same page, I have had some long meetings! Most of my meetings are running a full hour, and I only stop then because the next set of officers has showed up. Whew!

They are treating me very well though. I'm staying in a hotel for the week, and they've been taking me out for dinner every night. I've gotten to try a lot of Eugene's local favorites like the Eugene Electric Company, Miso, Agate, and this cute little fondue/crepe/tapas place, who's name has slipped my mind. Tomorrow I'm going to Sweet Life, a local dessert cafe, for an afternoon treat.

I've come across the most interesting new trend while in Oregon--feather hair extensions. For just $8 you can have a feather extension added to your hair, and everyone is doing it....or at least all of the girls are. Apparently it has been quite the thing on the West Coast for a little while now, and it is starting to spread to the rest of the country.

I still have a full day left in Eugene, and I'm tempted to try and get one before I leave. I have an hour and a half between meetings tomorrow--enough time? If not, I'm also tempted to call my hair stylist in Omaha and beg her to order them for my appointment next Friday. Somehow I doubt the trend has spread to Nebraska just yet. I could be doing them a favor.

Have no idea what feather extensions are? Check out, or maybe I'll actually get one in my hair and put up a pic.

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