Monday, October 11, 2010

Meeting Up with LCs is Always a Good Time

Last weekend at Touchback, Madeline and Kristen were talking about their upcoming weekend at Illinois Wesleyan. Madeline was visiting IWU as their LC last week, and Kristen went there for undergrad and was coming back for Homecoming this weekend. Since I live less than 45 minutes away and was home for this weekend, I HAD to see them!

After staying out late on Friday, I slept in pretty late on Saturday morning. I finally got my butt out of bed, and drove down to IWU in the early afternoon. I met up with Kristen and Madeline for tailgating, but we didn't stay to watch the game. Instead, we went back to the Kappa house to hang out and took a tour of campus.

Here is a picture of the Illinois Wesleyan Kappa house!

Kristen gave Madeline and I a tour of the IWU campus. Here's a picture of me in the "Beauty and Beast room" in the library.

The theater on campus has a head on its roof. I don't know what that is about.

We also got a picture of the three of us! (Kristen, Madeline, Me)

That evening, Madeline and I drove back to Washington, IL for a relaxing evening. We went out to dinner with Beth, the Fraternity Vice President who lives across the street from me, and her daughter Sarah, who is one of my closest friends. After dinner Madeline and I went to see the Social Network. It was a surprisingly deep movie, and I would recommend for anyone who has a Facebook account to go see it.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to get Madeline off to the Bloomington airport. We picked up Kristen on the way, and I dropped them both off. I however, have two more days at home. My next school is on Fall Break through Tuesday!

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