Sunday, November 28, 2010


After nagging me for a week about my lack of blogging, my mother finally came up with a word for it: blog-crastinator.

Blog-crastinator: Defined as either 1)someone who procrastinates on their blogging by doing other things or 2) someone who procrastinates on other things because of blogging.

Obviously I fall into category one.

How can a word have two completely opposite definitions? Good question. Ask my mother. Quite honestly though, she probably only invented the word in hopes of getting a shout-out on my blog. So here you go, mom. This blog is for you.

All week long I have been hearing about my lack of blogging. This is obviously becoming a trend, as the entire month of October and November were recapped in two large blows. I have been home now for 10 days, and I have done next to nothing. Its been fabulous. Besides completing paperwork for one chapter, going to the dentist, and getting a flu shot (which hurts a lot), everything has been fun and games.

I spent the beginning of last weekend in Atlantic City with my friend Dave before he got deployed to Afghanistan. This week, I've been to Keps, the local sports bar, three times with high school friends; I've helped my mom cook Thanksgiving dinner and then eaten turkey for the majority of my meals since then; I've watched a season and a half of Nip/Tuck (which is leading me to consider plastic surgery as a speciality); and I've slept at least 10 hours every day.

It is obvious why I haven't had time to blog, right? Haha.

Tonight I'm getting ready for a 6 day trip to University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. To get there from home, I am leaving at 6 AM, taking three flights, and arriving at 5 PM. Considering the time change, that's a 13 hour travel day. Eeek! BUT I'm really looking forward to this visit. One of Kappa's Chapter Consultants (like my job but stationary), Tiffany, is from this chapter, and I'm excited to see what they will be like! Already the VP in charge of my visit has been very communicative and generous. Also, one of my Creighton sorority sisters, Katelin, is from the Portland area, so I'm hoping to get to see her one of the evenings!

After this week of travel, I'm coming right back to Peoria, IL for a 5-week long Christmas break. Since I'm only going to be gone for 6 days, I am only bringing a carry-on suitcase with me. Please pause for a moment and realize what a big deal this is. Thank you.

I need to find something productive to do during my five weeks at home. My ideas so far are: get a gym pass, do some volunteer work, take a few road trips. We'll see. Or maybe I'll just watch the next 4 seasons of Nip/Tuck.

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