Monday, February 14, 2011

Travel Frustrations

One thing I have learned this year is just how stupid some people can be. Traveling is the perfect way to stumble across many of America's idiots, which has provided me both with entertainment and frustration.

Recently though, I have only been frustrated. Here are some recent examples:

Learn How to Read a Ticket
Last week I went to board a flight and there was a guy sitting in my seat already. I looked down at my ticket, which read 7A, then double-checked that I was looking at the right aisle. Yup, I was stopped at aisle seven.

Me: "Excuse me sir, you're in my seat."
Guy in my seat: "Oh really? Hm."
Me: "Yes.."
Guy, who doesn't seem to care: "It a'ight. I don't mind."

(These are thoughts, not words) What do you mean you don't mind?! Your opinion does not matter here. You are in MY seat, so it is really not up to you if this is ok!

I was annoyed on the principle, but it really wasn't worth the fight. You win, dude.

Body Scanners
Thinking about this story just makes me angry. Yesterday I had the worst TSA experience yet. During first semester, I got very lucky and never had to go through a body scanner. This semester I haven't been so lucky. Yesterday, I got randomly selected to go through the scanner. Annoyed, I stepped in the scanner and assumed "the position." When the scan was finished, the report came back that I needed to have an upper torso search because of the "large amount of metal" I was wearing.

Let me pause for a minute and explain exactly how much metal I was wearing on my upper torso. I was wearing an underwire bra and KKG lavalier necklace.

I don't understand how their high-tech body scanners couldn't detect exactly where the metal was located and figure out that I was wearing a normal bra and a tiny necklace.

Anyway, because of this large amount of metal, I was also given a very thorough pat-down, which involved touching every square inch of my upper torso. Every. Square. Inch. As if that wasn't uncomfortable enough, the TSA agent decided that complimenting my figure would be a good idea. I think I just stared at her in disbelief.

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