Thursday, August 12, 2010

All-Frills Recruitment

Back in 2003, the National Panhellenic Council put a no-frills recruitment rule into place. No frills recruitment means spending a limited budget and having limited decorations, costumes, and props for recruitment rounds. In my experience, schools in the North, such as Creighton where I attended, have accepted this rule in stride. Southern schools on the other hand, have reduced their frills slightly, but are still running a very frilly operation.

During my visit to Oklahoma, I got to watch their two skits. On the second day of recruitment, the theme is "Kappa Kountry," and they perform a country music countdown skit. The two hosts were absolutely hilarious and the costumes were adorable. I only got one decent picture from this skit.
On their third round of recruitment, they do a decades skit. I was able to snap two pictures of this, one from the 70's and one from the 80's. They had equally ridiculous costumes for the 50's, 60's, 90's, and 2010.

At the end of their pre-recruitment week, Oklahoma's KKG chapter puts on a show for their alumnae and parents. This show is a HUGE deal. I would venture to say even more important than actual recruitment itself. I was invited to address the audience before the show began. I had been sitting in the front row next to a few moms when I was invited onto stage. One of the moms who was sitting next to me decided I needed to have a picture of myself speaking. I have nothing else to do with it, so I might as well post it on here :)

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