Friday, August 27, 2010

A Perfect Montana Morning

This morning I took one last hike for the week before coming back to the chapter house and packing up to leave for Denver. Every day I hike a little bit further, and I'm not really sure that the trail ever ends. In fact, as I was flying out of the Missoula airport earlier this afternoon, I looked back onto the "M," and the path seems to go for miles and miles across the top of the range. I would absolutely love to hike this, but I think I would need some serious hiking equipment and a hiking buddy.

Today I discovered some caves and even more beautiful scenery.

I realized that I had been hiking for almost an hour and a half and needed to get back to the chapter house to pack, so I decided to run down the mountain. About halfway down I met a couple who asked me for directions on where was the best place to hike. I chuckled, because these presumably Montana residents were asking me for directions. I did my best to help them out, then jogged all the way down and back to the Kappa house.

I finally took a picture of Beta Phi's beautiful house. It is actually listed on the National Historic Registry!

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