Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its a Hard Knock Life

4 days down, 3 busy busy days left.

I'm sitting in bed in my room, which has become known as the "Kappa Orphanage." Here's a picture of our messy room!

Our long days are catching up with us, and every night there is less chatter as we fall asleep. Its amazing how much we have learned in the last four days. From presentation skills to communication styles, and risk management to chapter extension, we have met with many professionals from HeadQuarters staff and Fraternity officers to teach us the ins and outs of everything Kappa.

There is a vicious thunderstorm outside, although nothing compared to the horrors of last night's storm. Around 3:45 AM, all 5 of us woke up at the exact same time to what was the loudest bang of thunder I have ever heard. We sat up in bed and watched as our windows flashed with light brighter than day. Three of us from the Orphanage decided to go downstairs to go to the bathroom, and practically the entire house was awake! Waking up every morning gets a little more difficult, even though I can honestly say we are trying to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night.

I think most of my tiredness comes from mental exhaustion. We're being fed A LOT of information, and although the presenters have done a phenomenal job getting us to interact and move around, its still a lot to learn. We've spent so much time sitting around the conference table, I get a little stir-crazy at times. Yesterday three of us girls walked downtown after dinner before our one-on-one meetings with our boss, the Field Reps Director. I had no idea how neat of a city Columbus is. Their downtown area was bustling as people rushed to see "Wicked," and there is a pleasant walk along the riverfront. Today we walked to lunch at Black Creek Bistro, and I cannot tell you how great it was to just move our legs and see the sunshine.

I definitely need to get to bed. Its almost midnight and we have a webinar on QuickBooks to watch while eating breakfast tomorrow at 8:30. Tiffany and I are hoping to get in a run in the morning. We'll see if these thunderstorms ever let up. Doubtful.

My coffee addiction begins now.

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