Monday, August 9, 2010

Visit Number One

As is appropriate, I started my year of travel by sprinting through the Detroit airport. My flight schedule was Columbus, OH to Detroit, MI then Detroit, MI to Oklahoma City, OK. I made it to the Columbus airport with plenty of time to spare, only to find out my flight had been delayed by half an hour. Once we got up to Detroit, we circled and circled and circled for at least 15 minutes. We finally arrived at our gate in Concourse C, and everyone was anxious to get off the plane to make their connections. My original layover had only been scheduled to be just over an hour long, and now I had about 20 minutes before it departed. I checked the flight board to find out my next flight would be departing from Concourse A.

As a few choice words crossed my mind, I join many others who were running to reach connecting flights. On an escalator I talked briefly to a woman in her 30’s who informed me of a security issue at the Detroit Airport, which had caused all incoming flights to be temporarily cancelled. That explains why I saw more people running through the airport than I had ever seen before. All incoming flights had been delayed, yet all outgoing flights were still on time. After a stressful day of travel yesterday, I landed safely in Oklahoma City 20 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.

It is my second day at Beta Theta chapter of KKG at Oklahoma University, and I am LOVING it! They are preparing for recruitment, which starts on Friday. These women are recruitment queens, and after only a week of practice, it is obvious why they are one of the strongest houses on this campus. Here is a picture of their house!!

I am having a lot of fun at Oklahoma. I am rooming with a junior who is the chapter Registrar, and all of the women have been very gracious and friendly. I have had a lot of meetings with chapter officers and we have been going to different restaurants on Campus Corner. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have been scheduled to go on an ice cream date with different chapter women every night! I have heard of the LC-10 (same concept as freshman-15), and I am going to have to make sure I don’t fall victim to this plague!

My only complaint here is the heat! The high has been about 105 all week, but thank goodness they do not have too much humidity. I am much more concerned about going to University of Tennessee next week, where it will inevitably be VERY humid.

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