Monday, September 13, 2010

Back in the MidWest

After a long week of recruitment at the University of Montana, I am back in the Midwest! Last week was wonderful, but by far my most hectic visit yet. I spent a lot of time during the day helping the chapter to decorate, then after recruitment parties I stayed up late helping with voting. Recruitment visits are unlike any other. They can be very rewarding, but also very tiring! Montana was both.

Friday night I actually ended up pulling an all-nighter. We were up late voting, then waiting to get the Bid List. Once we finally got the Bid List, I was way too excited to go to bed. The Beta Phi chapter women and advisers were so pleased we were literally jumping around the house screaming. It could have been straight out of one of those sorority movies.

By the time everything calmed down, it was 2:30 in the morning and my room was a disaster. After having 8 lbs of clothes sent to me, going shopping in Spokane, WA, and acquiring many t-shirts, some serious arranging was needed to get everything home within the airline weight requirements. After packing, I had to decide whether I should shower or nap for an hour. I chose a shower, doubting my ability to wake up after only an hour of sleep.

Saturday I traveled from Missoula, MT to Peoria, IL. It was a short visit at home before I had to leave for DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. In just 18 hours, I got to see my parents, grandma, aunt and uncle, and two of my best friends. Not too bad!

Now I'm in Greencastle, Indiana. So far, I've decided they are too environmentally-friendly to actually be from the Midwest. They seem like lovely women though, and I'm looking forward to this week and getting to know everyone!

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