Friday, September 24, 2010

A Long Weekend at Home

Last Thursday night after finishing a wrap-up meeting with the Chapter Council, I packed up my bags to head to Indianapolis, Indiana for the night because one of my best friends from home, Bree, goes to Butler University. The drive to Indy from Greencastle is only 45 minutes, so I couldn't resist going to see her before heading home. I wish I could say we did something cool, but we didn't. Bree had been biking with her boyfriend, and I was tired from my "cruddy week," so we changed into comfy clothes and caught up over a few drinks.

The next morning I left for home. On the way home is Champaign-Urbana, home of the University of Illinois, and another one of my best friends, Tara, who is attending law school there. I planned my departure for Indy so that I would arrive at U of I in time for lunch. Once I got there, Tara gave me a tour of the law school, and we had lunch with all of her law school buddies. I was surprised by how adorable her friends were! (Aren't law students supposed to be dorky?) The few girls blessed enough to have both looks and intelligence obviously sought each other out.

I finally got home mid-afternoon, and immediately got sent to run errands. "Deposit this, notorize that!" "Okay okay okay, I just got home!" After errands, my parents and I went to "the Mexican" for dinner. It drives me absolutely crazy that my parents refer to Sol Azteca, the local Mexican restaurant, as "the Mexican." It doesn't even make sense, Mom and Dad! You could at least call it "the Mexican Restaurant." The worst part of the whole thing is that I'm pretty sure everyone's parents in Washington, IL also call Sol Azteca "the Mexican." This is a phenomenon I will never understand.

After dinner, I got to see the remaining two members of the Brat Pack, Kayleigh and Sarah. (I think it is pretty impressive that I got to see four best friends in three cities in one day!) Kayleigh's younger brother, Cam, is a senior football player at WCHS, so of course we have to go cheer the Panthers on! The game was a lot more fun than I would have guessed but cold too! Afterward, the three of us went to Gracies, a local sports bar/restaurant, but then awkwardly realized we had walked into some sort of private party and got out as quickly as possible.

The rest of my weekend was great! Because of my last minute schedule change, I ended up getting a four day weekend last weekend and no weekend now. I spent a lot of time relaxing, hanging out with my parents, and seeing some more friends. On Saturday night I got to go out for my friend Jessica's 24th birthday. On Monday I got to see one of my best friends, Emily, and her three month old baby, Alex. He's just adorable!

My only regret about the whole weekend is that I didn't take any pictures! Whatever was I thinking?

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