Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm a Terrible Blogger!

Admittedly, I have been a terrible blogger these last two weeks. My actual visit to DePauw was great, but a lot of outside factors lead to one of the worst weeks I've had on the road so far.

Here's a picture of the Kappa Kappa Gamma house at DePauw University. It is hard to see with the huge trees out front!

As soon I arrived, I heard chapter women complaining about the strep throat that was going around the house, or a cough they hadn't been able to lose. Not only am I paranoid about getting sick on the road, anyone who knows me knows that I get sick too often, and I'm particularly good at catching strep throat.

The next morning I woke up with swollen lymph nodes, and I knew I didn't have much time to fight the sickness-battle. For the next few days, I was sleeping 12 hours a day, drinking as much water as I could, and taking Vitamin C like it was m
y full time job. In the midst of fighting off some illness, I found out my travel schedule would be changing. Its not unusual for our schedules to change, but this change was less than a week away! The very next day I found out that a very good friend was being deployed to Afghanistan in a month.

Any one event might not have been so bad, but all three together made for a cruddy week. I have always been good about putting on a facade, but it is not so easy when you're surrounded by your job 24/7.

As luck would have it, another LC, Kristen, was visiting Indiana University, which is about 50 minutes away from DePauw. Since we fly everywhere, 50 minutes is usually enough of a difference that we would feel unfair asking chapter members to
drive us. However, I had driven to my visit that week, and there was no way I was going to let a 50 minute drive stand between us. Both Kristen and I were on regular (non-recruitment) visits, meaning that we have some free time in the evenings. Wednesday of last week, we both had the evening free, and I drove down to Bloomington, Indiana to visit her.

I cannot describe how GREAT it was to see Kristen! Both she and I were having stressful weeks, and nothing beats seeing a familiar face. After getting a tour of the IU house (I forgot to take a picture!!), we drove downtown to get ice cream and walk around.

Here's a picture of the two of us!

She definitely brightened my week!


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  2. Seeing you in Bloomington made my week - seriously. Tho we never did figure out what that bag of pizza rolls was for at the mini-park...?