Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Quaint Little Town

On my second day at Whitman college, I was given a tour of the campus by the Vice President of Organization. I took a few pictures, the majority of which were of the Kappa Section of the Sorority Dorm. I just love the golden key above the door!

Every night the chapter had a different activity planned for me. I got to hang out with each class a different night and meet up with the Advisory Board for dinner. A few of the events involved going “downtown” to their little strip of shops and restaurants through town. The junior class took me to ice cream at Brights, an old-fashioned candy and ice cream store. The Advisory Board took me to a delicious little French restaurant where I had a great Syra wine and Mussels!

On my last full day in Walla Walla, I had a lot of free time, so I walked downtown. The weather was beautiful, like 90 degrees, and there was actually a girl sitting in the fountain!

I also got a chance to take a picture of their downtown strip.

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