Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How I became an LC

Almost a year ago, I was looking at the field representatives application, thinking about applying. To date, our chapter had had three LC visits and I loved every one of them! Wouldn't I love to work for my sorority for a year? Well, duh. I was simultaneously in the process of applying to medical school, but I had my doubts at times and what if I didn't get in this application cycle? I wanted to have a back-up plan.

I filled out the application, and I filled it out quickly. Being a member of my sorority had been such a big part of my undergraduate career, I didn't need to think about why I wanted the job, the words practically wrote themselves. November 1, it was submitted and out of my hands.

And then I waited.

And waited.

And in the mean time, I had been completely medical school minded. I had had interviews, been accepted to Creighton School of Medicine--not really thinking about the job at all.

And then in early January, I missed a call from the Director of Field Reps. I called her back and she missed it. I hate phone tag. I was on my way to Springfield, IL to stay the night with my friend Will's family before my Southern Illinois Med. School interview, and I was anxiously anticipating her phone call the entire way. I was standing on the doorstep of Will's house with my luggage and had just rung the doorbell when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID and saw her number. I was NOT about to miss this call again, so I answered the phone right as Will answered the door.

The next 3 minutes were a total blur. As I walked in the door, I was offered to fly out to Headquarters to interview at the end of the month. I was practically screaming yes, as Will's family stared at me. After a few seconds of ignoring them, the family disbanded and I was still standing in their entryway celebrating on the phone. In retrospect, it was probably one of my rudest moments, especially considering this was my first time meeting them and they were graciously letting me stay in their home. As soon as I got off the phone, I tried as quickly as possible to make amends. Thankfully, his mother was also very involved in her sorority and understood the magnitude of the phone call I had just received.

Fast forward 3 weeks to interview weekend.

20 girls were invited to interview for 10 positions: 8 Leadership Consultants and 2 new Chapter Consultants. These 20 girls had all been strong leaders in their chapters, and most of us clicked instantly. It was like having a giant sleepover, with a lot of business added in. Here is a picture of the group of us at interview weekend!

After interview weekend, I was very anxious to hear if I had been selected as an LC for this upcoming year! About 2 weeks later, I missed another phone call from the Director of Field Reps because I was in class. When I called back though, she answered and I was offered the position. In the third floor of the business building, where I had been cutting through from my class back to the chemistry department, I literally started jumping around. "Well....?" she asked. "I don't know what to say!" I replied. She laughed, "Hopefully, yes!"

My response: "Yes, but maybe." The only way I could take this job was if I got a deferral to medical school. The very next day, I submitted my application for a deferral to CUSOM and then I had to wait. My sorority was anxious to release the list of new field reps, so even though I hadn't heard back from Creighton, I went out on a limb and accepted the position, almost positive I would get the deferral. The next three weeks were very stressful, and I checked my email every day for notice of my deferral. The whole time I kept my news on the DL, telling only my closest friends and family, for fear that I wouldn't get the deferral. I couldn't even tell my sorority sisters I had been offered the job!!

Finally, on the Wednesday before Spring Break I got the fateful call from the Director of Admissions as CUSOM granting me the deferral. That night at chapter Kallie, our Vice President of Standards, announced my news to the chapter with a very clever poem.

The rest is history. Below is a picture of the group of girls chosen as this year's Field Reps. This is a goofy picture of us, taken late at night on our last night at Convention this summer. Michelle was in a wheelchair behind us, but she stuck her boot up in the air, haha.

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