Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy Busy

I'm a terrible blogger! I have so many fun things to write about, but I've spent so much time doing fun things, I haven't had time to write about them!

First I have to finish reports that are due soon! Next comes blogging. Look for new posts this weekend!

Here's a preview of more blog posts coming soon:

-A week at the University of Iowa
-My weekend in Iowa City with Courtney, Jordan, and Marie
-Freezing cold Lawrence University
-Notre Dame Football/Halloween/LC Reunion weekend
-Heading to New England

And here is the schedule for the rest of my semester:
Currently at the University of Connecticut outside of Hartford
November 5-7 Weekend trip to NYC
November 7-12 Visit to Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA
November 12-14 Weekend trip to DISNEY WORLD with Vicki
November 14-19 Visit to Rollins College in Orlando, FL
November 19-20 Possible weekend trip to Atlantic City, NJ?
November 20-29 Thanksgiving Break
November 29-December 4 Visit to University of Oregon
December 4-January 7 Christmas break!

I am currently planning road trips over break. I'll be in Chicago at least once to see Amanda and Omaha the weekend of December 10th.

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