Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Think I've Found a Favorite

Last week I visited the University of Connecticut. I absolutely loved my visit there! Every week when I meet new women, they are always so curious about my job. I tend to have the same conversations a lot, and a lot of the questions have become predictable.

Do you just like always travel?
Yes. Every week I'm at a different chapter.

Do you ever go home?
I have been home, but not really.

Wow! So you actually live out of your suitcase?!
Yes. It's not easy, but I've been surprised how little I can live off of.

Where have you been?
Every corner of the country... then I proceed to name them all

What has been your favorite visit so far?
I've like a lot of my visits, but they are all so different from each other it's hard to compare. (New answer: UConn! But I won't share that.)

I can't even point out what was so great about UConn, besides the chapter women. There are two types of chapters that I visit.

1) Chapters that are nice to me, but not necessarily the group of women I would have wanted to be a part of if I went through recruitment at their school
2) Chapters that remind me of my own, and if I had gone through recruitment at their school, I would have definitely wanted to be a Kappa

I've had a few chapters fall into the #2 category, such as UConn, and those are always the most fun visits for me. Honestly though, I can still have a wonderful time with #1 category chapters. Those are the visits where I usually learn the most.

Again, I didn't take any pictures. I had good intentions, but the last two days of my visit were rainy, and I was too comfortable inside to venture out just for pictures. Luckily though, we just got our schedules for the spring semester, and I am going back to UConn in the spring. I promise to take pictures then!

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