Monday, November 8, 2010

Freezing Cold in Appleton, WI

Unfortunately all I remember from my week at Lawrence University was that I was freezing the entire time! From the moment I got to Lawrence to the moment I left the windchill was constantly in the 30's.

Back in the beginning of October, I was home for a weekend and packing for the rest of the semester. My mom and I were having the Great Coat Debate of 2010. Did I need a coat before Thanksgiving break or not? My visit schedule was: Rollins, UIowa, Lawrence Univ., UConn, Villanova, Rollins. In the end we decided no coat.

With the exception of my week at Lawrence, I think this would have been an okay decision, but Appleton, WI was FREEZING! That week the entire Midwest was experiencing terrible winds with gusts up to 60 mph. Not only was I freezing cold, I could not even walk in a straight line because of the gusts. I called my mom to tell her how cold it was, but at that point, she couldn't have sent a coat to me before I left anyway. I just had to double up with a fleece and my leather jacket.

Unfortunately (as is stated in my disclaimer earlier this evening), I took no pictures of Lawrence University. It was a neat, but small school and very well-known for its music and theater programs. The school is right on the river, and although I wanted to hike down the bluffs, I was just too darn cold the whole time.

I had a lot of productive meetings with officers, and Wednesday night we had a joint chapter/Advisory Board/House Board meeting. I have never seen such a large collaborative effort before, and it was great to have the opportunity to help facilitate conversations between three important but different aspects of that chapter.

On Thursday night I left for Chicago to meet up with four other Leadership Consultants for Notre Dame football, Halloween, and mostly just a reunion between the group of us!

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