Monday, November 8, 2010

My Weekend in Iowa City with Courtney, Jordan, and Marie

One of the best things about my visit to the University of Iowa was the number of people I got to see while I was there. On Wednesday night of that week, I met up with Courtney and her roommates for a few drinks. On Thursday of that week, Tracy, one of my best friends and Creighton Kappa sisters, was driving through town on her way home. She, Courtney, and I met up at Shorts Burgers for dinner.

After my visit to the University of Iowa Kappa chapter, I stayed in Iowa City for the weekend. I stayed at Courtney and Marie's place, and our friend Jordan drove down from Omaha to see us. It was the perfect weekend of relaxation, football, and fun.

On Friday afternoon, Jordan, Courtney, and I went to the grocery store and each bought a pumpkin and a pumpkin carving kit. I got a picture of all three, but it turned out too dark to post. Here's a picture of just my pumpkin. I got really ambitious and tried to carve an owl on a tree. Of course I had to carve a Kappa pumpkin.

Friday night, the group of us went out to the Iowa City bars. Here are some pictures of the group of us.

Friday night was fun, maybe too much fun. We had a bit of trouble getting up and getting ready to tailgate for the game on Sunday. Here's a picture of all of us in our Iowa gear. Jordan and I had to borrow Iowa clothes!

We went to the Airliner to watch the game, and unfortunately Iowa lost to Wisconsin by just one point. It was a rough loss for the Hawkeyes. We went out again that night, and I ran into way too many people that I shouldn't have, like some chapter members and their parents and the Greek Adviser from Creighton University. Thank God I stayed sober is all I'm saying.

Then on Sunday morning I had to get up early to fly to Appleton, WI for my visit to Lawrence University.

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