Monday, November 8, 2010

LC Weekend Part I

On Thursday night of Halloween weekend, Carolyn, Madeline, Allie, Vicki, and I met up for a weekend in Chi-South Bend-cago. We all arrived in Chicago, by plane, train, or car, then rented a huge black Tahoe to drive to South Bend. Carolyn's brother-in-law used to play for Notre Dame football, and his parents have a condo in South Bend. They graciously let us use the condo for the weekend.

Thursday night we got into town around 1:30 AM, after a long drive and a speeding ticket. We were a little too wound up to go to bed, but we eventually did. I thought we'd never wake up. When we finally did wake up on Friday, we were moving slowly. We decided to go out for breakfast (even though it was lunch time/early afternoon), but discovered we had a flat tire.

We got the tire fixed a lot easier than expected, and we took a driving tour of Notre Dame's campus.

After our tour we went to the grocery store to get food for the weekend. Somehow between eating, getting the tire fixed, driving around, and going to Super Wal-Mart, we managed to waste the entire afternoon. Friday night we prepared a simple and delicious meal. Impressed?

After dinner, we all got ready to go out and explore the bars of South Bend, IN. Below is a picture of me, Vicki, and Allie (left to right).

Here is a picture of the group of us!

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