Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NYC and Philly

What kind of person goes to NYC and doesn't want to do anything? Me. After two crazy fun weekends (Iowa City and Chi-South Bend-cago), I really needed a weekend of relaxation. After my visit to UConn, I caught the train to NYC, where I spent the weekend with Beth, the previous Director of Field Reps.

My weekend?
Friday: Arrive, shop, dinner, relax/paperwork
Saturday: Sleep in, lunch, paperwork, run in Riverside Park, dinner, Broadway show
Sunday: Sleep in, watch the marathon on TV, depart

Really the only "fun" thing I did was go to a Broadway show. Beth and I went to see Fela, an African musical. The show was written by Jay-Z and Will and Jada Smith. African music is so lively and fun. I really enjoyed the show, and it was fun to walk around Broadway and Times Square on a Saturday night.

And of course, no pictures. Sorry!

This week I'm at Villanova University in Philadelphia. My visit got off to a rough start, but its going well. I'll definitely take some pictures this week!

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