Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LC Weekend Part III

On Sunday, we cleaned up the condo then headed back to Chicago so we could all catch Monday morning planes and trains. We got a little distracted on our way back to Chicago and stopped at an outlet mall. By the time we got to our hotel, we were really pushing the clock, and we needed to turn our rental car in. Carolyn and Allie returned the beloved Tahoe while Madeline, Vicki, and I got our luggage into the hotel. Below is our luggage. 2 suitcases and 1 briefcase per person x 5 people = 15 bags. We looked crazy, especially because only three of us were bringing the stuff in. Here's all of our luggage below.

After we all got back to the hotel, we got ready for Halloween and for our dinner reservations at Dick's Last Resort. Dick's is a restaurant where the wait staff is mean to you the entire time. They made inappropriate hats and play jokes on their patrons. It was the perfect place to go for Halloween. Here's a picture of Vicki and I at dinner.

Here's a picture of the group of the five of us!

On our walk to the bars, we passed a firestation. We stopped to take pictures outside, then a fireman opened the garage door. Before we knew it we had convinced them to let us in the truck. Here's a picture of me, then a group shot outside the truck.

As we were leaving the station, they gave us all hats (the kind they might have given 5 year olds who were out trick or treating). We walked right past the Wrigley Field and everyone wanted to get a picture. At first I balked (I come from a family of die-hard Cardinals fans), but I couldn't not be in a group picture with our hats. I hope my family does not disown me.

All in all it was the best weekend. Leaving Monday morning was sad. I'm seeing Vicki next weekend in Orlando, but I won't see the rest of the group until January at our Mid Year meetings at HQ.

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